Every Spring Columbia's Blueshift club organizes an observational astronomy trip to Cherry Springs National Park.  The park is a dark skies park meaning that no man-made light can be shone near it.  Because of this the park has absolutely amazing skies and gives students the opportunity to see things they would never see from New York.

During the trip students use telescopes and cameras to take amazing photographs and to study the night skies.  They drive up together, camp out at the sight and cook over a campfire.  The experience is a truly amazing one, both for the skies and for the bonds that are formed between members.


Here are two of the telescopes that were used in the 2017 trip


The trip is a great opportunity for budding astrophotographers to take photos like this one.

Club Bonding

There's nothing quite like staying up until 4 in the morning to look at stars that bonds a group of people together...